Welcome Address from the Minister of agriculture Russian Federation
D. Patrushev to participants of the First International Agro-Industrial Forum

D.N. Patrushev
D.N. PatrushevMinister of agriculture of the Russian Federation

Dear friends!

I welcome you to the International Agro-Industrial Forum, which is to be held for the first time this year, and I am confident it will become one of the most significant annual business events in our country.

The new global challenges that Russia's agro-industrial complex today is facing , call for the new approaches and solutions. We need to expedite fulfillment of domestic agriculture potential in a number of areas: to achieve a considerable growth in production output, firstly in the most promising and developing segments, to continue strengthening the country's food independence and at the same time to augment contribution of the agricultural sector to the economy by higher exports, to ensure high pace of innovation and scientific development in agricultural production, technical, technological and digital modernization of the agricultural sector.

To resolve these and other priority tasks, Russia has not only the necessary natural, financial and intellectual resources, but also a clear-cut plan of action, medium and long-term development programs that will allow us to achieve our goals and by right take a leading place in the global food market.

The First International Agro-Industrial Forum will cover implementation of these plans, and within its framework Russian and foreign experts will discuss the growth points of the domestic agro-industrial complex and the international sectoral agenda.

Today we witness the ever increasing interest of the foreign partners to cooperation with our country in the agricultural sector - on the of both the authorities and business entities who are willing to invest and implement joint projects in various fields. I am convinced that at the Forum platform we shall be able to reveal new horizons, earmark additional opportunities for development of interaction and integration processes.

I wish all the guests and participants of this landmark event mutual understanding, constructive dialogue and fresh ideas!