By 2050, the world population will total up to 9.6 billion people. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) predicts that the agricultural industry will have to produce 70% more food than now, and at the same time will be able to use only 5% more land.

Sustainable nutrition for a growing population will require significant transformations in the global food system. The world will have to adopt new strategies aimed at a sustainable growth of agricultural production. Solving this problem will require considerable increase in investments, innovations and cooperation between all interested parties.

A special place in agricultural production is given to development of the green brand as a global food trend. Russia's potential in production of environmentally friendly and organic products allows us to talk about our country's opportunities to become one of the world leaders in this market in the midterm.

Regional brands may become yet another sign of quality in the global food market - products whose uniqueness has been tested by history. Goods with the place of origin indicated have a high share of trust, which is determined by the reputation of the producing country .They are easier differentiated from among the multitude of the analogues in the world market, and often they are more expensive. Such brands stimulate sales and bring forth additional profitability to agricultural producers.

The main task of the IAIF 2019 sessions is to provide the most comprehensive information and to answer specific questions about how Russia implements the domestic agriculture development strategy in response to global challenges.

The Forum discussions are not only about the achievements of today, but also about the future - discussion and assessment of global prospects in relation to food, and to what national agrarian policy and the food system should strive for.

Currently, together with leading industry experts, the architecture of the Forum business program is being elaborated and will be presented in the near future.